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What We Do

A requirement of Ofwat’s Code for adoption agreements is that all requests for changes to the documentation approved by Ofwat be submitted to an independent Panel, comprised of an equal number of water companies and customers. The role of the panel is to make recommendations to Ofwat on all change proposals including whether changes should be made to the sector documents

If you consider that a change to the approved documentation is required, you can submit a change proposal to the Panel. The Panel will consider the proposal, taking into account the principles of the Code and the Panel’s Terms of Reference. In particular, the Panel will consider:

(a) the need for the change, for example, is it a service improvement or is it needed to address a particular issue;

(b) consistency with the principles and objectives of the Code, and any relevant statutory or regulatory requirements; and

(c) the impact of the change (be it positive and/or negative) on Customers and on Water Companies.

When it has considered the proposal, the Panel will make a submission to Ofwat to explain whether it considers that the documentation should be changed or not. If the Panel considers that a change should be made, it will set this out in a recommendation. Ofwat will then consider the Panel’s recommendation and decide whether to change the documentation.